Monday, October 19, 2009

My Big Helper

Ben was SO helpful to me last night! He proved that he can be responsible and take initiative! (Two biggies for me!) He could tell that I was getting frustrated with it being late and not being able to get dinner going due to Luke being difficult. He came up to me and asked if it would help me out if he took care of Luke for a little bit! I almost cried! What a huge help!!

What better way to occupy a 17 month old than to sit him on a bucket that he has no idea how to get off of?! Luke thought it was great!

Putting it gently, Luke was a bit of a challenge this weekend! I'm sure it had a lot to do with having been out of town and being sleepy. All of us were a bit tired of the screaming! Ben and Abby started calling Luke a little devil! (I know it's mean, but like I said, it was a tough few days!) Ben couldn't resist the opportunity to give Luke some little devil horns. Hopefully things will get back to normal now that we are back home and the schedule is back to normal!


Karen said...

haha love the horns Ben! Good job on helping mom out! We mom's need a break every now and then and when we don't have to ask and you help out, it makes our hearts sing! I'm proud of ya BEN!!

Karen said...

Maybe that's what Luke should be for Halloween Jamie.:O) Just kidding of course!

Pat said...

I am so proud of Ben. Just when you think he doesn't have a clue, he surprises you. Good job Ben. I love the pictures. Is Luke getting a head start on the drums? I'm sure by the time he's in sixth grade there will be no doubt that he is ready!!! HA HA!!