Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, I know, this a bit overdue, but this is the first time I have time to sit down and do it. Valentine's Day seemed to be a whole weekend affair around here! It started out with Abby's class party at school on Friday.

Abby HATES it when I take pictures of here at school, hence, the expression on her face. I loved the idea of the thing she is holding! PTO put these together for those that ordered them and then they delivered them to the kids on the day of the Valentine's parties. Such a fun little surprise!

It's a can of Dr. Pepper with tons of candy attached to it.

The note attached says, "You're just what the doctor ordered." (Get it, Dr. Pepper, just what the doctor ordered...)

I thought this was a fun idea for the class party! They dipped their pretzel rods in melted white chocolate and then in sprinkles! I think I might have to steal that idea for a birthday party!!

Abby was ok with me taking pictures of her with a few friends. This is her and Kelsey.

Abby and Jackie!

Abby and Jenna!

Ben, Abby and Luke were so excited to receive Valentine cards with McDonald's Arch cards inside from their Grandma and Grandpa Grief!

On Saturday Ben and Abby got to use their Arch cards.

This is what Ben chose to use his Arch card on. I wouldn't normally let him get a Big Mac, but how could I refuse him when it was his gift?

Abby stayed in the normal range of food!
(Luke was napping at this time, so he hasn't been able to use his Arch card yet.)

Saturday night we watched our friends, Dan & Laurie's, girls so that they could go out on a date! We did "make your own pizzas" which my kids always enjoy! I think Annabelle and Josephine did too!

This is Josephine making her pizza.

Abby's turn.

Annabelle wanted a picture with Abby. Look at the smile on that girl! Maybe she can teach Abby to be a little bit more cheesy!

Annabelle's turn.

The finished products. So cute! Anna's pizza has a heart made out of pepperoni's and Abby's has an 'A' for Abby. Jo went simple with extra cheese! YUM!!

In return for watching Dan and Laurie's girls on Saturday night, Jon and I got to go out on Sunday for Valentine's Day. We don't often get the chance to do a whole lot without the kids, so we really enjoyed some to ourselves! We went to Owasso for dinner and a movie (Valentine's Day) as well as some kid free time at Target and Best Buy. So much easier and faster to go in and out of stores without three kids in tow! We had a really good time! THANK YOU, DAN & LAURIE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the Dr. Pepper thing. Great idea and I bet the kids LOVE getting something. :O) Also so glad you guys got to go out just the two of you. SMILE ABBY!!! You have a beautiful one and I want to see more of it. :O)