Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Little Man

I have really been enjoying the stage that Luke is going through right now! He is SO much fun! He is happy and learning new things every day! New words are popping out of his mouth all the time! I just thought I would share a few of Luke's favorite things right now.

He loves to lay in our bed and be covered! (No, not to sleep, but to play or watch Elmo!)

We were playing peek-a-boo. Look at that amazing smile! He makes me smile!

Bath time is always a favorite!

Luke has discovered the basket of herbs and spices and now likes to take them out and stack them.

It's fun to play under the table!

Luke LOVES the "tar"! It is so fun to watch him play as he thinks he has to shake his leg Elvis-style while he plays! You can't help but laugh!

Yep, he likes to play on the Barbie computer too!

Reading is another favorite! I don't care how many times a day we have to pick up those books!

Nice, huh? The age of technology... He loves to "play" on Ben's Gameboy!

I know the "terrible two's" are very much upon us, but I am loving where we are right now!! I love this little guy!!


Pat said...

Adorable pictures!!! Just think all the money you could have saved on toys if you would have shown him the spice basket earlier. He looks like quite the busy little boy!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!

Anonymous said...

He does have the most beautiful smile! Love the bath picture! :O)