Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Last weekend we went to Luke's first Easter egg hunt. I know...bad parents! We just haven't done it. Thankfully he's only [almost] three, so he hasn't missed out too much. This egg hunt was at the Y, so we thought we would check it out. I hadn't heard about it anywhere other than from a flyer that got put in Luke's bag one day when he was in the child care there, so I thought it might not be too huge. It wasn't huge. It was nice. There were only about 8-10 kiddos in the 2-4 age range.
Luke sat and listened very intently to the instructions.
He looks so little sitting on this bench!
Ready to go find some eggs!
"I found one!"
This is one of my favorite pictures! Luke was excited about all of the eggs in his bag!
Abby was happy to help Luke look through his eggs and see what was inside.
Luke was thrilled when he discovered chocolate inside! He LOVES chocolate!
Luke loved the Easter egg hunt!

Jon and I were so happy that the the child care director, that put the Easter egg hunt together, made sure to tell all of the kids that Easter isn't all about eggs and bunnies. She told them that it is about Jesus rising from the dead! I know that the YMCA was founded on Christian principles, but it doesn't seem like they remember that anymore! It's not often you hear the truth of what Easter really is anywhere. We were very pleased!

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