Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prom Night With Dad

One of the things that Abby has always looked forward to in Girl Scouts is the father/daughter dance. She loves the opportunity to get dressed up and go on a special date with Dad. As I was getting started with this post I was thinking about all of the past father/daughter dances. What she wore, how her hair was know, all of the important things. :) I couldn't resist posting a picture from each of the years that she has gone so far! My baby girl has grown up so much and is becoming such a beautiful young lady!
2007 ~ First Grade
2008 ~ Second Grade
2009 ~ Third Grade

2010 ~ Sadly, there wasn't a father/daughter dance this year

2011 ~ Fifth Grade
I love that Abby is learning how a girl is to be treated on a date. So sweet!
My sweet, beautiful girl! :)
This is Abby and her friend, Sam. These girls are inseparable!
I love these last two picture so much! It shows me how much fun she was having at the dance.
I am happy to say that Abby wants to be in Girl Scouts all the way through, so there will be several more father/daughter dances to come. What a precious time for Abby and Dad!


Nana-Judy said...

Jamie: I really like and appreciate your last 3 posts. From Spring Storm through Prom Night... I love your Style of writing--the Thankfulness you show!
It is hard for me to realize that just a little over a year ago there were several of us sharing posts with each other. It is truly something I am missing--a LOT. Wish I could help my daughter to see that her 'creativity' was shining when she was posting and sharing all of the time. I know she is busy now, but I feel like it was such an 'outlet' for her! Maybe she will get back to it some day soon, I hope so! Meanwhile...keep those posts coming!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! You're a beauty Abber Dabber!