Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Storm

We had some pretty severe storms here last week. It was a bit scary hearing that our county was under a tornado warning! You would think that having lived in "Tornado Alley" for the last 15 years that we would get used to such storms, but it just isn't the case! I get nervous every time! That's not to say that I take cover, although I would if my family and I were in danger, I would definitely be safe! But, I guess in the time that we have lived in Kansas and Oklahoma, we have come to do as the Kansans and Oklahomans and stand outside,
or in this case, inside, and watch the storm! The amount of rain that was coming down was crazy! Not to mention the high winds and the hail.

Thankfully the storm didn't last too terribly long. I'm sure there had to be a rainbow somewhere. On one side of the house it was bright and sunny, while on the other it dark and ominous. I didn't see one, but I am sure there was one somewhere!
After the storm was over Jon went outside to check things out. Of course Luke followed! (We can barely keep the kid in the house!) The boy played outside in a puddle of water forever! He loved it!

The pictures here do no justice to how dirty Luke was when he came in the house! He was filthy!
I love a good spring rain. I do not, however, care for the severe spring storms! I am so thankful that the storms did not become worse here and that we are all safe!

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