Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here!

It just doesn't feel like Christmas when you're driving around town and it's 63 degrees outside, the car windows are cracked, listening to Christmas music. I am NOT complaining!! I was, however, really excited to get out all of the Christmas decorations and make it feel Christmas-y in our house.

I love this little tree and it's tiny little ornaments and the nativity set that Luke can play with!

Luke was thrilled about all of the decorations, but all he ever really wanted was the Christmas train! He didn't care that we didn't have a tree yet! He was just as happy to play with it in the middle of the floor!

I put up the lights that I could reach and then Jon and Ben do the rest. Ben was happiest to be up on the roof! (The child scares me half to death sometimes!)

Everybody helped decorate the tree.

The finished product.

We are all ready for a fun-filled Christmas season of family, friends, playing, eating, shopping and most importantly, celebrating the birth of Jesus!

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Mom said...

Your Tree is HUGE!! It looks so pretty!! Luke looks like he is really into the train. Cute pictures of all the kids decorating the tree. It sure is a lot easier to put up outdoor lights in 60 degree weather!!