Saturday, December 17, 2011


I love hand-me-downs. I love when the kids played with each others handed down toys. I love that all three of my babies slept in the same crib. I love that, even with two boys and one girl, that there are articles of clothing that they have all shared!

I don't think Luke had ever seen this shirt hanging in his closet before, so he was pretty excited when he saw what I chosen for him to wear that day. I had to explain to him that this was once Ben's shirt, then it was Abby's and now it was his turn to wear it. He thought that was pretty cool! (Even cooler is that it was first Alex's shirt and she is now 17!)

I wish I had time to go digging for pictures of Ben and Abby in this shirt. Maybe one of these days. In the dreary wintertime...


Mom said...

That is too cute!!!

Nana-Judy said...

I love passing down things, too. Sometimes it becomes TRADITION. Each one of our sons wore the same little white outfit on the day of their "Dedication" to the Lord. Karen, of course, had her own little white dress. Both of her girls wore it at their Dedication, too.