Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Jon didn't really have anything in mind for his birthday. He was pretty fond of the idea of hanging out at home and having a home-cooked dinner. So, that's what we did! He got a cast iron skillet for Christmas (Yes, we opened gifts from Mom early.) and was dying to try it out. We decided to give biscuits and gravy a try. YUM! They turned out delicious! Steak, roasted potatoes and Caesar salad were on the birthday dinner menu.

Present time!

Jon is going to start school in February. What better gift than a shirt from the new school. I think that makes him an official college student. (:

Lots of hugs!

My first attempt at an ice cream cake. I think it turned out great. Jon loved it which is all that really mattered anyway.

Happy Birthday, Jon! I know your day was a little bit chaotic this year with getting ready for Christmas and all, but I hope you had a decent day. I promise that next year won't be nearly as busy!
I love you very much!!


Mom said...

Looked like a nice birthday!! Home cooked dinner sounded great!! The birthday wreath added a good touch with all the Christmas decorations!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me with your awesome cooking/baking/ice cream cake making! Jon is one lucky man! Looks like he had a good Birthday. BTW~I LOVE that you put up the birthday wreath for him! Did you keep it up for Jesus too? ;O)