Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuba Christmas ~ Tulsa

Have you ever heard of Tuba Christmas? Apparently these events are held all over the United States. I hadn't heard of it until last year and recently attended one of their events here in Bartlesville. The event here was held on the lawn of the Frank Phillips home. There were approximately 45 tubas and euphoniums (or baritones) playing Christmas carols. The sound was! Ben (who plays the trombone) wished that he played the tuba or baritone so that he could participate. Well...his band teacher said that if he would like to attempt the baritone she would allow him to bring one home to practice on. WOW! Ben was thrilled and couldn't wait to be a part of this fun, festive event.

Abby and her friend, Anna, enjoyed playing on the toys in the mall while we waited for the music to begin.

Those who don't normally play the tuba, baritone or euphonium were recognized. I was shocked to see how many there were!

Ben and his decked out baritone.

This is the group that went down to Tulsa from Bartlesville.

Apparently, no matter the age, silly pictures are still necessary!

Ben loved being able to participate in Tuba Christmas! He struggled a bit as he was playing on a completely different instrument than he is used to, but he can't wait to do it again next year!


Mom said...

You are right!!! That was A.MA.ZING!!! I'm really proud of Ben! That's quite a challenge on a completely different instrument. He looked like he was totally thrilled to be apart of the group. Keep up the good work Ben. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform.

Becca said...

That is so cool! I'm definitely impressed!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Love the silly picture! My oldest brother would love to do something like this. He played the tuba in HS(he actually plays/played the trumpet but was the only one big enough to carry the tuba in the marching band so he learnd how. lol).