Thursday, November 1, 2012


I'm pretty sure my mom cried tears of joy as soon as she found out that Ben was going to be in marching band.  She loves watching marching bands.  The bad thing about loving marching band and having a grandson in marching band is living far away.  Naturally, she had to come out to see Ben march!  AND she brought Rebecca and Nolan with her!  Before all of the band festivities started, we got to just spend some time together.

  Oh darn...we had to eat lunch at Ted's.  (:  We had to go to Tulsa anyway!

Grammy brought craft supplies for the boys to make some fun Halloween friends.  Anytime I have tried to do any kind of craft with Luke, he has a fit.  The boy has NO desire to do anything crafty.  Makes me so sad!

Leave it to Grammy to get Luke to paint, cut and glue!  Luke LOVED it!  He still hated it if paint or glue got on his fingers, but he loved the finished product and asked to make more!

Luke couldn't get enough of it!

Silly boys!

Oh my!  Ben got these crazy (now disassembled) glasses at school.  All of the kids enjoyed them in different ways.  (:

Part of the reason that Mom and Rebecca came this particular week was because it was choc full of band happenings.    Check out the schedule:

Tuesday:  Homecoming parade
Wednesday:  OSSAA contest in Broken Arrow
Thursday:  Weekly full band night rehearsal
Friday:  Homecoming
Saturday:  OBA state marching band contest.

I would have to say that if you wanted to see Ben march, this was the best week to come!  Mom, Rebecca and Nolan got here Wednesday afternoon after OSSAA, but, as you can see, there was still plenty of band fun to be had!
Thursday night we braved the cold to watch rehearsal.  Heather came too!  (:

Sometimes we play this fun little game called, "Where's Ben?"  Just kidding!  Sorta...we do say that a lot though!  It's much easier to find him when he's not in uniform!

It was pretty cold out again Friday night and Saturday was going to be a very long day for all of us, so Grammy offered to stay home with Luke and Nolan. Well, she kept them with her, anyway.  Not necessarily at home.

First they went to go see the train.  
(Could these pictures be any cuter?!)

Then she took them to "the ice cream factory" (That's what Luke calls Braums.) for a treat!

And finally...more crafting!
What a fun night with Grammy!

Jon, Rebecca, Abby and I headed to the marching band performance at the football field football game.

The band did great!

Ben loves football games and hanging out with his friends! 
He is going to be so sad when marching band is over for the season!

A fun night was had by all!

Next up:  OBA state marching contest!

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Mom said...

That was soooo fun!! I really enjoyed being with the boys. I think they had a good time also. I was happy to see Luke get involved in "crafting". I'm always thinking of crafts for the kids to do.