Monday, November 26, 2012

iDate #3

After two not-so-great dates, we opted for something much less organized.  This time, we took our list of questions and headed to McAlister's.  We love McAlister's because it isn't loud and chaotic.  It is a great place to have a conversation. And of course, they have fantastic tea and cookies!  It didn't hurt that we had a coupon for free food!  :)  We also caught a movie at the $2 theater and then warmed up with some hot chocolate.  Perfect!

Unfortunately, I threw away my date cards before doing this blog post, so I don't have the questions to post.  The questions this time were all about the future.  It was nice to talk about the things that we would like to do as a couple and as a family.

Jon and I, both, thoroughly enjoyed the iDate challenge!  It was fun to have Jon plan dates, be able to talk and spend time out without the kids.  We really make an effort to get out and go on dates fairly regularly.  It is so much easier since Ben and Abby are old enough to stay home with Luke!  At one time in our lives we rarely ever got out by ourselves.  Ugh...those were some rough times!  Thankfully it was only for a season and we are where we are now!

Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope we won the big grand prize!  We will find out soon!

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Mom said...

Glad you're able to get out without the kids. I know it is needed for your sanity.