Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I was a Father's Day failure this year.  With all the chaos of getting Ben picked up from his trip to California, getting ready to go out of town, trying to be prepared for Abby's 13th birthday, softball practices and games, lessons...I failed to prepare for Father's Day.  There really aren't any good excuses and I felt terrible all day long for not having a plan and gifts.

I know...Father's Day isn't about big plans and gifts, but I didn't do anything.  No breakfast in bed.  No gifts.  Nothing.

Jon didn't really care.  He isn't into those kinds of things anyway.  All he wanted was a relaxing day with his family.  I could do that!

Lunch (dinner) was a cinch!  We ended up having Abby's birthday dinner that we didn't have the day before.  Jon is always game for Mexican!  You can't go wrong with carnitas!  They are our favorite!!

While we were sitting at the table, I was (again) apologizing for not being prepared for Father's Day, and I reminded Luke that he had made a gift for Daddy.  He jumped out of his chair and ran.  I tried to stop him, telling him that I had his gift.  He kept telling me, "Hang on!"  Lo and behold, he ran back into the kitchen with a card.  Since Luke was attending Parent's Day Out at school, his amazing teacher made Father's Day gifts and cards with the kids.  Luke was so happy and excited to give his gift!

The weather was gorgeous, so Jon thought it would be fun to go to the lake.  Perfect!

Abby had a plan. (:

Abby couldn't wait to get to the sand and write her Father's Day message.  I love it!

Once we left the lake (due to the fact that it looked like it was going to rain.) we took the scenic route home.  The kids didn't love it, but I love Oklahoma.   The scenery here is just gorgeous!

This piece of scenery...not so gorgeous!  Cool, but not cool at all!  We, actually,  saw TWO of these buggers while we were driving!  YIKES!  I am not a fan!

All in all, I think Jon had a nice Father's Day.  I still feel terrible that I wasn't prepared, but I reassured him that just because I didn't have anything special planned didn't mean that I loved him any less.  I love him very, very much and am thankful for the father that he is to our children!  

Happy Father's Day, Jon!  You are a great dad!  I am so thankful for you and for all that you do for our family!  I love you!!!

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