Monday, June 17, 2013


The moment we got home from Indiana, our "vacation" was over.  We hit the ground running.  

The very next day Luke was due to start his summer session at school.  (I'm not the meanest mother ever, it's one day a week of pure fun!)  That meant that I had to go to the store to make sure I had something to pack for a lunch for him.

Both, Ben and Abby were signed up for the OK Mozart Master Class.  Thankfully they didn't have to be there until the afternoon!

The next day, Abby had a softball game, but not just that, she was on the schedule to take the snacks.Since it was two days before her birthday and the last home game, we thought it would be fun to take birthday treats.  If you know me at all, you know that I love making treats.  I just can't bring myself to go the store-bought route.  Not that that's bad, I just don't do it.

On the way to the a fore-mentioned softball game, I got a text from a dear, sweet friend asking if we would like tickets to that night's OK Mozart concert.  Having been out of town, we hadn't been able to attend any of the week's concerts thus far.  AND... One doesn't turn down tickets to an OK Mozart concert!  Sooo...after the softball game, we made a dash for the Community Center!  Phew!

The summer chaos isn't due to stop any time soon.

I will stop rambling.  I didn't mean to go into detail.  It was just a crazy week.  This whole summer has been pretty nuts.

Ok...moving on...

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