Sunday, November 1, 2009


The transformation from Luke to Mario!

The transformation from Ben to Luigi!

Mario & Luigi!

Aren't they adorable?!

My three Halloween cuties!

The sweetest clown ever!!

I love it!!

Ready to head out on the streets!

This is how Luke went trick or treating! Nice! (No, that isn't candy in his mouth! Just fingers!)

We met up with some friends while out. This is Abby and her friend Annabelle!

Ben, Abby, Annabelle and Josephine. (Anna's sister)


We had a fun Halloween night, but it was very strange! We were supposed to go to Hutchinson, but with Ben coming down with the swine flu, we decided that it would be best to just stay home. We really missed making all of our usual stops! The Deans, Dee & Larry, Sherrie, The Grief's, Diana.....It just wasn't the same this year. This was our first time trick or treating in Bartlesville and it was like nothing I have ever seen before! There wasn't anybody out!! Very few houses even had their lights on! We are so used to every house being lit and people everywhere! It was very strange! We did meet up with some friends which made the night even more fun! Unfortunately Ben got wore out very quickly, so Jon brought him and Luke home. Abby and I stayed out with our friends for a while. It was very fun, but we really like tradition, and this year there was none of that!


Pat said...

The kids sure did look cute!!! I know you felt there no tradition, I guess you can say you started a new one. It looked like they had fun.

Karen said...

Those pictures are adorable!! Luke and Ben turned out awesome and I just don't have words for Abby!! OMGosh Jamie it turned out so cute! It doesn't even look like her. :O) LOVED THEM!!
Jacob would fit right in with your family with tradition. He's the most traditional kid I've ever known!

Kelly said...

Those are so cute! The clown turned out great! I wanted the kids to go with the Mario theme a few years ago, back before it was cool again, but since they didn't know who they were they said no. :) Your's turned out so cute!