Monday, August 2, 2010

Ben's Lego Creations II

I am so proud of how creative Ben is! If you don't know Ben, he LOVES Lego's!! His dream in life is to move to California and be a Lego builder! Anytime he has spare time he is building Lego's! Here is a sampling of what I recently found on his camera. (I am also thoroughly impressed with his photography skills!)
I know this isn't anything that Ben built, but he bought this book not too long ago and took a ton of pictures of the pictures inside! He takes this thing everywhere he goes!
Building at Grammy's house.

I believe this is a representation of Ben and his two best friends, Luke and Sam.
Check out the details! I love it!!


I love what he did with the color!
So cool!

Last week my mom took Ben to the Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago. I'm pretty sure Grammy is ranking pretty high up right now!
Ben's in heaven, I'm sure!
That's just Ben being himself! It's so hard to believe that these are all made completely out of Lego's!!

Ben has been in Indiana for over a week and is probably going through withdrawal without his Lego's! I will be shocked if he doesn't end up with a career in architecture or Lego's someday!
I am so proud of you, Ben!


Pat said...

I am so impressed by Ben's creativity. I hope he continues to follow his dream!!! He has an amazing imagination.

Anonymous said...

He does have some talent doesn't he?! Looks like he's having a great time with Grammy! I wanna go there too! :O)