Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going Beyond with Priscilla Shirer

I had never heard of Priscilla Shirer before I went to this event. But as soon as I heard (while in OKC in December) that she was going to be in Tulsa in August, I knew I would be there! In fact, I registered my mom to go with me as her Christmas gift! I was so excited!
(I know some of these pictures are blurry, but I really wanted to share them!)
Sheesh! Is this a sign of the times, or what?!
All ready!!
This woman can speak! I think the Lord told her exactly what I needed to hear and that she was speaking directly to me! (Of course she had to make everyone else think she was talking to them too...) Isn't it amazing how you can be in the process of learning something and then go to something like this (or anywhere!) and hear the same things or something along the same lines?! I think that means I have something specific that the Lord is saying to me!
On this first night we studied Genesis 28:10-16. Jacob was "sleepwalking". Am I sleepwalking? Am I trying to hurry or sleep through the tough or boring time in my life? I don't want to be afraid of the "certain places" and miss out on what God has for me right now! I know that God loves me and is going to take care of me no matter what!

We were able to participate in helping out a local woman's shelter by bringing laundry detergent and toilet paper. This is only a small portion of what was brought! Simple, yet amazing!

Me and Mom waiting in line. :)

Saturday was another great day of studying and learning! This time we were in Luke 24 learning about people who had been with Jesus and not even known it! Can you imagine missing out on Jesus?! Unfortunately, I think that has happened to me and I don't want it to happen again! I want my eyes to be open so that I don't miss what He has for me!
Praying over all of the prayer cards that were turned in.
Priscilla's brother, Anthony Evans did the music, and it was excellent! The whole praise team was GREAT!
Later, at the end of the second day, Anthony was telling us about a time that he had to sing the Star Spangled Banner at an event and found out that President Bush and former Indianapolis Colt's coach, Tony Dungy were going to be there. Nervous!! (That's Priscilla & Anthony's dad on the right.!
Well, he ended up singing it for us and it was AMAZING!!! I wish I knew how to post it on here for you to hear, but I'm not that smart! Just go to his website (click on his name up above) and listen to it!
He later received this e-mail from Tony Dungy! What a blessing!
Brother and sister - So cute!
Overall, the conference was GREAT! The Lord definitely spoke to me through Priscilla Shirer!

As an added bonus, we found out that Priscilla was doing a book signing at a local bookstore. We definitely didn't want to miss out on that!
Me, Priscilla & Mom!
Signing my book.I can't wait to dive in to this book!
This is one amazing woman of God! I appreciate her love for the Lord and her willingness to serve in woman's ministry!

It was so nice to get to spend time with my mom without the kids for the weekend! After the conference we splurged and went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Don't you just love the refreshed feeling you have after?! Glad the two of you got to go together. :O)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast! Can't wait to hear her speak again. Missing ya!....Laurie