Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blue Bell Ice Cream

I have lived in Oklahoma for two years and had never been to the Blue Bell ice cream plant. Maybe it's the 100+ degree temps that made me think about going there! Who knows, but I'm glad we went! This is good, cheap fun! Only a dollar or two for those over age six and a huge scoop of ice cream is included at the end!
Only 50 cents for an extra scoop!
We definitely took advantage of that offer!!
This seems like a pretty neat company to work for! Our tour guide said that the turnover is very low! Darn! I was thinking about going back to work! (No, not really...)
A waiting milk truck.
(My personal favorite was the Banana Split!)
Peace, Love & Ice Cream!
SO many choices! I think I'll take the little guy on the floor!
Come visit me in Oklahoma and I will take you there!!!


Jaime Lynn said...

Where is this? This is my 12th year living in Oklahoma and I have never been! I LOVE Blue Bell ice cream...the best flavor is birthday cake!

Anonymous said...

I'll have the mint chocolate chip please! :O) YUMMO!