Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grammy's Pictures

If you know anything about my mom, you know that she likes to take pictures! LOTS of pictures! Here is just a sampling: (It's a bit of a "Luke show"...)
My mom found this at a garage sale and Luke LOVES it!!
Luke wanted Grammy to take a picture of every dinosaur!
The people at the Gap are so smart! A t.v. in the store is a great idea!!
We always have to go see the fish at Wal-Mart!
Too funny!
For some reason, this has become Luke's favorite after dinner fun place...
One of these days Luke isn't going to be content to just watch!
"Higher! Higher!"
Grammy's infamous 'in the tree' shot.
This is Luke's favorite thing to do when we are waiting for a table at our favorite restaurant!


Nana-Judy said...

Great pictures! especially that last one! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Not done with the pics yet but had to comment really fast...someone please take that nasty Jayhawk shirt off of that poor boy and place a mighty TIGER shirt on. OK now back to the pictures. :O)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! She got some good ones. Way to go Grammy!