Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween - Rounds 2 & 3

Because Halloween was on Sunday, some neighborhoods opted to do trick or treating on Saturday night. We opted to go out for both! Not just for more candy, but so that the kids could get more wear out of their costumes. Plus, it's just so much fun!
Our Halloween fun started by my friend, Deborah, bringing us this super cute basket of treats! So cute!! (I told you she was crafty. She made the tags! Click on this picture to see, up close, how cute they are.)
I have the cutest farmer,
and fireman around!! I know this isn't a great picture of Luke, but it's the only one I got with his hat on! He wouldn't wear it, but it looked SO cute on him! (There are much better pictures of Luke to come!)
Abby's friend Anna went trick or treating with us on Saturday night.
Ben is ready to go!
(See, I told you Luke wouldn't keep that crazy hat on!)
And we're off!
One of the houses we went to was passing out freshly made cotton candy! YUM!
Me and my little fireman! All that walking made him very thirsty!
Luke had to take a break. He was such a good boy out trick or treating! He loved it!!

After church on Sunday and a lazy afternoon we were all ready to hit the streets again! But first I had to get a few more pics of the kids in their costumes.
(I know, I'm turning into my mom!)
It is SO hard to get a good picture of Luke! He's way too busy to sit still for two seconds!
He's better with action shots! :)
My sweet farmer girl :)
Grammy made this awesome Jedi costume for Ben!
(This is actually the second Jedi costume Grammy has made. I guess Ben will be a Jedi for the rest of his trick or treating years...)
Yes! I finally got the Jedi to smile! He thinks they are serious all the time!
Like I said, it's hard to get a great picture of Luke because he's always on the move! We were definitely bribing him with candy here!
We noticed a spider that was making a web in the tree in our front yard. It seemed very Halloween-y to us.
I really don't love spiders!
And we're off again! (Without Ben this time as he went out with one of his friends. My baby is growing up. :'( )
"Trick or Treat!" Thank you Miss Tiffany!!
Such a big boy!
More than anything, he just wanted to ring all of the doorbells!
This house was super cool! The clown was making balloon animals and swords. Not only was he passing out candy, you could also choose as granola bars or juice boxes! Hooray for creativity!
I think my little fireman is officially tuckered out! He did a GREAT job!
The loot!
I loved how my porch looked when I got home from trick or treating and of course I had to take a picture.
Pathetic, I know!

We all had a fun Halloween weekend! It was a good, safe, candy filled time! Abby is already talking about what she wants next year's costume will be. We'll have to see how many times that changes between now and then. I know Luke really enjoyed it because he is constantly asking to go "tricky treating"! :)


Pat said...

The pictures are adorable!! Deborah is very creative!! That was very nice of her. The kids were toooo cute. Looks like everyone had a good time!! I love ALL the pictures.

Becca said...

Love so many things about that post! :)