Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Parade

Abby's Girl Scout Troop participated in the local Veterans Day Parade. I was a bit disappointed about how small this parade turned out to be! It was the smallest, shortest parade with the least amount of spectators I have ever seen! Seems to me that we should learn to be a little bit more supportive of our veterans! The girls, however had a great time and Luke really enjoyed it!
These are a few of Abby's fellow Girl Scouts!
The Girl Scout float. (Several troops rode on the same float.)
Here comes the parade!
The police car leading the parade and the Boy Scouts presenting the colors.
This is the Girl Scouts again.
Veterans on motorcycles.
What's a parade without an old fire truck? I think the was Luke's favorite part!
And it's gone.


Jaime Lynn said...

I had no clue there even was a parade here in town! Was it during the week on the actual Veterans Day?

Pat said...

I'm so glad that the Girl Scouts do their part in the community!! Good to see Abby showing her pride by wearing her GS sash. How Fun!!!

Jamie said...

The parade was the Saturday before Veterans Day.