Monday, November 15, 2010

Lukey J

I just can't help but take tons of pictures of this kid!
What could be more fun than pushing an acorn with your racecar?
Or throwing leaves at Mommy when she's trying to take a picture?
Climbing the fence?
Standing on your car?
(This is the look I get when I ask him to smile.) :)
Riding your trike?
Maybe watching Thomas the Train?
(Notice how all of the books got dumped so that he could sit in the basket!)

All of these things are things that Luke loves to do. However, there is one thing that he is particularly fond of these days...
The Target toy catalog!
He even likes to take it to bed at naptime to look at it!
Notice what he's checking out. Thomas, of course!

This kid cracks me up! I love him to pieces!!!


Jaime Lynn said...

This is fav is climbing the fence. What a cutie!

Pat said...

I love it!! So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

He is such a boy! I love the pic where you asked him to smile. I wonder if all kids do this or if it's just our crazy kids. Erika did the same thing! :O)