Monday, November 15, 2010

My Lego BrickMaster

I have a very happy boy at my house
on the day that Ben's Lego BrickMaster subscription arrives in the mail! This month was an added bonus as it came with
SIX mini sets AND
The best of LEGO® BRICKMASTER® 2010! Ben wasn't expecting this at all, so he was thrilled when he found it in the package!

Ben received the Lego BrickMaster subscription as a gift from Grammy for his birthday. This is such a great gift because 1. Ben LOVES Legos! 2. He gets Legos in the mail every other month! He knows when it is about time for them to come and is anxious to get home from school to see if they have arrived! I love watching Ben play with his Legos and seeing the amazing creations he comes up with! I need to take some new pictures, but if you want to see some old ones, click here or here.

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Pat said...

It's always exciting to see what Ben comes up with his Legos!!