Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ben's Empanadas

Ben is taking Spanish this semester at school and the one thing he has been looking forward to for the last few weeks is Food Day. He originally wanted to take salsa since we have discovered the best salsa recipe ever! But, of course, someone already signed up for that. The next thing he thought of was empanadas. Great...I've never made them before. I did a little bit of searching and mixed and matched a few recipes and I think we came up with something good!
First we cut these circles out pie crust dough.
(No, I didn't make it. Pillsbury does a great job!)
Of course, Ben enjoyed playing with the dough.
This is not a snowman, it's a doughman. :)
We filled the the dough with taco seasoned ground turkey and shredded cheese, pressed the edges together, pressed them with a fork and then baked them.
Here is the finished product. They were really good! Everyone here agreed that we need to make them again! You could fill them with anything you want. Jon thought they would be good with chocolate pudding inside. I'm not sure how you would bake them, but how could it be bad? Mmmm, maybe cherry pie filling would work! ??? I see these being made again very soon!


Pat said...

WOW!! They look delicious! Good job Ben!!

Anonymous said...

YUMMO!! Ben looks so grown up! He's really changing!