Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oklahoma is so different than Michigan. I remember when I was growing up that we had to have something like twelve inches of snow (Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit...) before they would give us a snow day. I know Oklahoma gets the ice that Michigan didn't, but it always shocks me when my kids get a snow day and there is very little snow on the ground. The snow day was good and it was nice to get to do nothing for the day. Ben and Abby couldn't wait to go out and play in the snow. I wouldn't let them go out until Luke went down for a nap, because I didn't really want him to go out. I know, I'm mean, but there is no keeping hats and gloves on that boy! As soon as Luke was down, Ben and Abby were out the door.
They are ready to brave the cold!
Rolling down the (very small) hill and making snow angels are always fun! It makes me happy to see them playing. As they get older, the tend to think that playing is for little kids. It makes me sad that they are growing up so fast!
I love the icicles!
Again, happy to see my boy playing!
There's nothing better after playing in the snow than some delicious hot chocolate! :)


The Schumachers said...

Ben and Abby are the greatest!!

ValAnn said...

Too funny! We - still here in Michigan - were so hoping for a snow day on Tuesday, but with all the blowing snow, freezing rain, etc... the snowplows and salt trucks were everywhere and no snow day was to be had... :(

Anonymous said...

I too love to see my teenage boy play in the snow! It makes a mom's heart happy! :O)