Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jon's Facial Hair Experiment

This is an odd post!

I'm really not much of a fan of facial hair. Jon tends to stay pretty clean shaven. (To be very honest, Grief men don't grow facial hair very quickly. :)) This year over his Christmas break from work he decided that he wanted to just let it grow. I figured it couldn't be that bad. How full could it get? I was pretty surprised! It grew pretty quick and turned from prickly to soft. Check it out!
Look at that! Jon has a beard!
This is the most facial hair I have ever seen on Jon!
He couldn't take it any longer! He shaved on Sunday morning!
(He actually got tired of it before I did!)
Here's my clean shaven man!
I love him either way, but I like this so much better!
Isn't he so manly? :)


The Schumachers said...

I just decided... we need to get our familes together... ASAP... I think we would REALLY get along great!! Lets pick a date that works!

Nana-Judy said...

For years, my sisters have asked me how I can stand to Kiss Ron with "that scratchy beard face". Kept trying to tell them that it is NOT scratchy!

Anonymous said...

I like Jon better without facial hair too, but I think that's because that is what I'm use to. I actually like Chris better WITH facial hair. His face looks too chubby without it! :O) My Dad has ALWAYS had a beard! When I was a toddler he had to shave it and I wouldn't go to him for awhile. He'd come close to me and I'd cry.