Thursday, January 20, 2011

Naptime Antics

For some reason Luke has been very difficult at naptime. I really don't think that he is outgrowing his naps, because it is very obvious that he still needs them, Once he falls asleep he takes a great nap. It's just the staying in bed and going to sleep part that is the problem. It is funny that he even knows to be really quiet so that it sounds like he is sleeping.
I went to check on him the other day and found this:
Actually, he was still chewing one of several Hershey Kisses that he got into. (Maybe this will teach Ben to keep his candy put away out of Luke's reach.) This picture came after I wiped most of the chocolate off of his face. Can you still see the ring around the lips? I wasn't thrilled.
The remains of the Hershey Kisses. (Apparently he didn't know to hide the evidence.)
Chocolate in the bed...Nice!
This scared me when I saw it! I thought it was pills that he had found somewhere! (Don't worry, they are all up out of reach.) Luke found a Pez dispenser and emptied it all on the floor. Lovely!

I really wasn't thrilled about the whole situation, but I couldn't help but laugh! See, there's a reason God makes our little ones so cute!


Pat said...

That's hilarious!! I hope Ben learns to put his candy away (or just eat it!!!) Nothing worse than wasting chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my friend but this post was funny! I can laugh only because mine(who have also all three done these types of things) are all past that stage. :O)

Becca said...

Oh my! That gave me a good laugh.