Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Indiana Visitors

As soon as my mom knew that Ben was auditioning for All-District band, she said that she would be here for it if he made it. He made it and she made plans to come. (And bring Rebecca and Nolan along with her!) We were all very excited about it! Then the "Blizzard of 2011" hit... We weren't sure what was going to happen. The kids ended up having four snow days and All-District got postponed. I was very nervous about having Mom, Rebecca and Nolan on the roads after watching the news/weather reports all week long. I finally made the decision to tell them not to risk it. I was very sad!

Thursday morning, the day they were supposed to come, my mom called and asked if they could still come. Mom and Rebecca had been keeping tabs on the road conditions and didn't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to get here without any trouble. Besides, we had all been really looking forward to seeing each other. How could I ever turn my family away?! I said, "Of course you can come!" Mom said they would be heading out in the morning.

I was still very nervous about the roads, but prayed all day long for safe travels. Mom, Rebecca and Nolan made it safely to our house without any problems! (Well, the roads were still a little bit snowy once they got close, but nothing major.) I was thrilled for them to be safe and sound at my house!
The boys took off playing right away!
(I know this is very blurry, but you can see that Luke was having a blast!)
I think their favorite activity was jumping from one bed to the other in Abby's room. They had a great time! And the happy sounds were the best!
This was the jumping pit and Nolan's bed. :)
From jumping off of beds to playing with trains...these boys are all boy!
Modern technology...
This little guy cracks me up! Nolan fell in love with this bear from Abby's room and had to take it out to dinner with him.

No trip to Bartlesville is complete without a trip to Frank & Lola's! It is my FAVORITE!! We go there pretty much every time someone comes to visit. The first time is because we love it and want to share it with our friends and family. The next time is because they love it! Come visit us and we can go check it out together!
We had to wait a while for a table so the kids passed the time playing pool.
Abby and Nolan are best buddies!
What did we ever do before we could watch Thomas the Train on the iPad?
It was great when the boys would play together nicely. Toddlers can be so touchy!
Story time with Abby.
And Aunt Becca.
Snuggly time with Grammy! :)
Apparently the little guys weren't interested in the Super Bowl. They watched Despicable Me in my room.
Facebook time for Ben.
Cooking dinner with Rebecca.
Nolan got to see his daddy! I don't know how we ever made it without modern technology!

It was so GREAT to have my family in town for a few days! I hate living so far away, but I still believe it makes our times together that much more special. I was able to spend some time with just Mom and Rebecca this time, which doesn't usually get to happen. We had a great time and laughed A LOT!! SO GREAT!! I'm not sure when we will all be together again, so I cherish these times that we have had!

Thank you SO much, Mom and Rebecca for braving the roads and coming out for a visit!


Pat said...

It was so fun!! Glad we were able to make the trip. The timing was perfect. So sad we didn't get to see the band. But, I'll be back!!!

Karen said...

So happy for you that they were able to come!