Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look What I Learned!

A while back I went to a yarn store in Tulsa with my friend, Deborah. In their front window they had some super cute wreaths that we both thought we would like to make. It was just a styrofoam wreath wrapped with yarn and then had some super cute crocheted flowers on it. Well, Deborah is a knitter and all I know how to crochet is the blankets that my mom showed me. I decided that it was time to learn how to make those cute flowers! Thanks to I found tons of videos that show how to make flowers. Finding the right one took some time, but I finally found the one I liked best and came out with this:
I was pretty proud of myself!
So, (on another snow day, of course...) I set out to perfect my flowers and attempt recreating the wreath I saw at the yarn store.
This is how it came out. Not to bad for a novice crocheter!


Nana-Judy said...

I have about "half an afghan" that I started years ago. It was made up of squares done in the 'afghan' stitch. Since I was on a really TIGHT budget I couldn't buy more than 1 or 2 skeins of yarn at a time. Wouldn't you know...they discontinued that yarn before I even got a chance to finish!
And that is how well I usually get done such a 'craft project'!
Congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

RED!!! Why am I not surprised?! You're such a talented lady! One of the MANY reasons I love you so! :O)