Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Days, Snow Days, Snow Days....

With all of the snow we've already had, you can only imagine how happy I was to wake up to this:
Seriously?! Another foot of snow?!
The original foot of snow hadn't even melted yet, and now we have that much more! Ugh...
This is what the boys are content to do all day.
Don't you just love the glazed over look of a teenage boy playing video games? I don't!
Thankfully Abby doesn't love to just sit around all the time. Not that she doesn't do that at all, but after having four snow days the week before, she couldn't take it anymore. She had to do something. On this day, Abby ended up making lunch for her and Ben.
She did a great job!
But making lunch just wasn't enough. We found a recipe to make snow ice cream. We had never made snow ice cream before, but it sounded pretty neat.
Abby did all of the work!
And she got to have the first taste! It was actually pretty good!
No, this isn't dirty snow! Abby, is not a fan of vanilla ice cream, so we mixed in some cocoa powder to make it chocolate ice cream.
She liked that a lot better!

Call us crazy, but we don't own a shovel. I know! It broke a few years ago and we just never replaced it. Being in Kansas and Oklahoma we just don't generally get that much snow, so we just let it melt on it's own. Well, FEET of snow don't just melt very quickly! Especially when the lows are really low! When we woke up on Thursday morning it was -28 degrees outside!! That's just insane!
So...I was thrilled when a guy knocked on my door and asked if I would like him to plow my driveway! (For a fee of course!) How could I pass that up?!
Luke LOVED watching the driveway get plowed! The boy loves tractors, so he was in heaven!
Apparently it was "bring your dog to work" day since the guys that did the driveway brought this guy (or girl) too. Luke was pretty fond of the dog too!

Like I said before, Abby likes to do. She didn't have a plan. She just thought it would be fun to be crafty. She went out to the garage to see what she could find. Wood and paint are what she came in with. And she got busy.
The two of us had a fun time doing some crafty things together. Check back soon to see what else we came up with!

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