Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Snowmagedon", "Snowpocalypse", "Snowklahoma"...

Whatever you want to call it, we got a lot of snow! We were expecting 9-12 inches and that's about what we got! I was beginning to wonder if the snow would really come when I hadn't even seen a single snowflake before I went to bed around midnight. The school districts, however, believed the weatherman and called for a snow day the day before the snow even came!
It was a good thing the kids had a snow day because this is what we woke up to! Jon ended up taking a snow day too!
A LOT of snow! And it was still snowing!!
The frozen window looked so neat.
I thought it was crazy how the tree looks like it is in a hole. It's amazing what happens when the snow is blowing and drifting.
Check out the snow in the bottom corner of the window!
Ben finally decided to venture out into the snow. Brave boy!
Ben headed back to the college behind our house to play in the snow drifts.
Time for some shoveling.
Abby wanted to get in on the deep snow fun!
That is some deep snow!
I just took this picture to give some perspective on how deep the snow was. Insane!!
This is what Luke and I did while the others were out in the snow. Thank goodness for modern technology! On the first snow day we went through SIX movies! (We ended up with FOUR snow days from school! I think the kids were actually ready to go back!) I would be ok with not seeing anymore snow for a very long time!!


Pat said...

Great pictures! Looks like Ben and Abby were having a lot of fun. I guess a day in the snow is better than a day at school. ONLY 38 more days till Spring!!

Anonymous said...

those are some crazy drifts!