Monday, May 7, 2012

Changes in Hutchinson

Big changes are happening in the Grief family.  After about 15 years in Hutchinson, Kansas, Jon's parents are moving away.  They are moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Jon's brother and his family moved there recently.  Ken and Jeanie felt like they were being led out of Hutch and it seemed like Baton Rouge was the most obvious choice.  To listen to the story, it is so amazing to hear how God put everything together and made it so obvious that Ken and Jeanie are doing what they are supposed to do.

We made a trip to Hutchinson for one last visit, Ken and Jeanie's garage sale and to help with bringing boxes and furniture up from the basement.  Whatever needed done.

Jon, Ben and Ken worked hard and got so much done!

Jeanie also planned to celebrate mine and Luke's birthday.  Fun times!

Of course, we had to take some family pictures.
(I love that little monkey in the tree!)

The next time we see Ken and Jeanie it will be in Louisiana. 


Mom said...

It's amazing how everything worked out for them. God is good!!!

Mom said...

Cute pictures also! I especially like the one with the monkey is the tree!