Monday, May 21, 2012


It was a beautiful, sunshiny, pleasant day in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  The family was having an laid back day at home.  Everyone stayed in their jammies until lunch time and beyond.  I was trying out the new panini press that I got for my birthday and we all ate lunch at the picnic table in the back yard.  

After eating, I went in the house to clean up the kitchen and Jon set out to do some cleanup in the back yard.  Ben, Abby and Luke were hanging out in the yard.  The next thing Jon and I  knew there was the sound of a big thud and crying.  Jon and I both ran to find that Luke had fallen off of the top of the picnic table!  Ben and Abby were there when it happened and,  I think, Abby scooped Luke up real quick.  Jon was able to get Luke and try to calm him down enough to find out what hurt.  Luke mentioned that his wrist hurt.  After looking at it, the first words out of Jon's mouth were, "It's broken."  We could tell right away that things didn't look normal.  Luke's wrist didn't normally have that curve to it!  So...we very quickly and calmly made our way to the ER.  Yes, that's right, Jon and I both remained very calm.  I was very proud! poor little guy!  I wanted to hold him so bad and all he wanted was his daddy.  Listening to him cry and knowing that he was in so much pain, just broke my heart!  It is making me all shaking and emotional all over again as I type this.

Thankfully we were taken back to a room immediately!  It seemed like it took and eternity for things to happen, but compared to a lot of stories that you often hear about long waits in the ER, I think things went fairly quickly.  Don't get me wrong.  It wasn't fast.  The doctor came.  X-rays were taken.  Luke's wrist was broken.  My poor little guy was in pain and wasn't able to take any pain reliever.  The doctor wanted to wait to find out if surgery was needed since the bone was going to need to be reset.  Thankfully, the nurse finally came in with some pain reliever.  (Not that he got much down.  He spit half of it back in the nurse's face...)  We waited to find out news from the orthopedic doctor.  Finally, the orthopedic doctor showed up, we strapped Luke into the most awful contraption to keep him still, gave Luke a numbing shot, reset the bone and casted my little guys arm.  My poor little Luke cried for two hours straight!  It was just. so. sad.

Once we were finally able to leave the hospital, Luke settled down very quickly.  He was so happy to be on his way home.  Of course we had to stop by Redbox and pick up something fun to watch.

What a little trooper, this little guy is!  I am so thankful that nothing more serious happened when Luke fell off of the table!  (He fell onto concrete!)  The Lord was obviously protecting him!  Please pray for a speedy recovery!


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! Glad it was only the wrist! BTW that pic of him and Ben...OMG could they look any more alike?!

Mom said...

What a TROOPER!! He looked so sad. I know that having a cast isn't going to hold him down.