Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day To Me!

 I arrived home from my amazing weekend in St. Louis late in the evening on my birthday.  I didn't expect anything spectacular that day, but it was nice to see that Jon and the kids had thought about it while I was gone.  There were cake, presents and balloons.  I'm sure Jon felt much pressure since I love my birthday and I often remind Jon of that fact.  I was pretty good about reminding him that I would be gone all weekend and he would be home all weekend with the kids and that he would have ample time to prepare for these two big days.  I know, I'm awful and selfish...
 My Mother's Day morning started out with a delicious breakfast in bed with one of Ben's famous omelets.  (:

I was then presented with all of these beautiful flowers that each of the kiddos picked out for me.  So pretty!

 Happy Mother's Day to me!  I love these kiddos so much!

 Abby was actually willing to have her picture taken, so I had to take advantage of this rare opportunity.  Such a pretty girl!

 I love these pictures of me and my man!  (:

 Jon slaved away in the kitchen making this fun birthday cake for me!

My family did a great job preparing for my birthday and Mother's Day. I wish I could say that it was a super fun day, but it didn't exactly measure up for several reasons.  Jon worked on homework most of the day...  Jon and I had a meeting to go to in the evening...  Our special dinner out didn't happen because I fell asleep...  Jon and I got into a heated "discussion" at the end of the day... I really wish I didn't set myself up to be excited for a day that is all about me.  I wish I could just be happy with whatever Jon and the kids decide to do for the day.  I just always feel like I do so much for them on their special days that I want them to do that for me too.  Why do I have such expectations?  What really matters is that I have a family that I love and that loves me.  And I am thankful for that!


Mom said...

Love the pictures! Glad to see the family tried to make your birthday special. The cake looks good. Looks like my kind of cake. Glad to see they survived without you!

The Schumachers said...

Your family is so precious! I am so blessed by you all!! I can only hope to have a family as sweet as yours someday!

The Schumachers said...
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