Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Days

Last winter we had so much snow that the kids had to make up days at the end of the year.  This year, the school calendar had more snow days added in and we ended up not using any snow days.  Instead of going to school five extra days, the kids got out five days early.  Well, not five consecutive days early.  It ended up that the "powers that be"  modified the school calendar so that the kids got each Friday in the month of May off as well as moved the last day of school up one day.  I LOVED IT!  So did the kids!  Who doesn't love a four day school week???  It made the biggest difference only sending the kids to school for four days and having a three day weekend.  It was nice!

On the last Friday before school got out, Jon happened to be off too.  Extra nice!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, so we spent the majority of our day out there.

Ben got some mowing done and make Luke's day by taking him for a ride on the "tractor".

Jon was able to give a little extra TLC to his beloved garden.  (:

Luke was having a grand time just playing outside.  He doesn't care what he is doing out there, he just loves to be outside.  Jon and I left to run a few errands and when we came home this is what we found...

Ben, Luke and Abby had made a mud hole in the back yard.  Luke was in heaven!

Abby had fun playing on the trampoline with the hose, practicing her photography skills and playing in the sandbox.  Yes, playing in the sandbox!  Jon and I bought some new sand to refill the sandbox and Abby quickly turned into a little child once again and spent a good long time playing in the sand. It was fun to see her in that childlike state!  These kiddos of mine are just growing up way too fast!

What did I do?  I finally got all of the flowers planted that Jon and the kids got me for Mother's Day.  They look great, but of picture.  I'll have to get one soon.

I am thankful that we had this day of fun at home.  It was nice to not have any plans or anywhere that we had to be.  

I love summer!!

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Mom said...

I love it!! Luke looks like he is in hog heaven(HA!HA!) He's such a boy. Cute pictures!