Thursday, May 10, 2012

Luke's 4th Birthday

 It was so fun to hear Luke be so excited about his upcoming birthday this year.  This is the first time that he has been so excited just knowing that his birthday was coming.  He would ask everyday how many days it was until his birthday.  He could hardly contain his excitement as the number got lower and lower.

 Luke got Grammy's package in the mail a few days before his birthday.  As excited as he was, I couldn't bear to make him wait until his actual birthday!  He was one happy boy!
Thank you, Grammy!!

Finally, on Tuesday night, I put a very excited 3-year-old to bed.

Trying to get the perfect picture.  I can't choose a favorite.
  And woke up with an even more excited 4-year-old!

 How does this happen?  I ask this every year with each child's birthday.  I just can't believe how fast the years are passing by!  Turning four means that school is very quickly upon us.  ):  My little guy is just growing up way too fast!

It was hard making Luke wait until Ben and Abby got home from school and Daddy got home from work to open his birthday presents.  I figured it would be ok to let him open one that one of our neighbors dropped off for him.  Thank you, Miss Marsha and Mr. Blank for the dinosaurs and shiny dinosaur stickers!

Our friend, Miss Susanne stopped by to give Luke a special birthday cupcake.  Thank you, Miss Susanne!

"Look at me!  I'm 4!!"

Finally, everyone was home from work and school and Luke could open his presents!  Luke thought the time would never come!

This is my favorite of Luke's gifts.  One day Luke asked me to tie his blankie on him like a cape.  That's normal.  However, with the discovery of Pinterest, a simple blankie just wouldn't do.  I thought a special superhero cape would be a perfect gift for Luke.  I am so proud of how this (reversible) cape turned out.  Luke likes how it flies when he runs!  :)

Of course, Luke chose tacos for dinner.  That is his favorite meal, after all.

Finally time for cake!  As usual, it's all about the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  My kind of kid!

I think Luke was more interested in playing with the toys on top of the cake than actually eating the cake!

Thank you, Aunt Becca, Uncle Neil and Nolan!  What could be better than (Redbox) movie tickets and popcorn???

Thank you, Aunt Kris, Uncle Scott, Lexy, Kortney, Reilly and Erin for the awesome outfit and Cars Color Wonder!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Lukey Luke!
We are so thankful to have such a fun, dirt loving, smart, outside playing, happy boy!
Daddy and I love you SO much!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the cape! You are amazing! Glad he had such a Happy Birthday!

Mom said...

WOW!! That was quite a birthday!! It is hard to believe Luke is already 4 years old. You did a great job on the cape. They are so cute. Also, I like the "4" shirt. You never cease to amaze me!!