Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Of July Weekend

Jon's parents came down for a visit for 4th of July weekend. It was just the motivation I needed to clean house (Because that just doesn't happen as often as it should!) and the permission to make some fun, festive treats!

They were just as fun to make as the were to eat!
Of course, we had the typical summer cookout food too!

After dinner we headed over to the hotel that Ken and Jeanie were staying at so the kids could go swimming. A nice break from the blazing heat outside!
Of course, if you're in a hotel, you have to jump on the beds, right?!

Or spin in the chairs until you fall out! (Yes, Abby almost fell out from spinning so fast!)

On the actual holiday we didn't have anything planned. We talked about going to the lake, but with the heat and the crowds that were sure to be there, we just never made it. We decided that we would go bowling! How much more American can you get on the 4th of July without going to the lake?

Tiny bowling shoes are just way too adorable!

Check out that form!

Luke really enjoyed bowling! For a little while anyway. He got bored with it and would rather go play in the arcade. Go figure.

I just love this picture! Luke loved to watch to see how many "bullets" he knocked down! Too cute!

Bowling superstars, we are not!

Since we didn't know where else to go for fireworks, we headed downtown for the Bartlesville fireworks display. We had been two years ago and were really disappointed. But, again, we didn't know where else to go.

My sweet 4th of July kiddos!

I got festive and decided to make Abby and Luke special shirts for 4th of July. I think they turned out pretty cute!
Luke thought his shirt looked like fireworks! I loved it!


Counting stars while waiting for the fireworks show to start.

The fireworks were still a bit disappointing, but they were better than nothing! Next year we will have to do some asking around to find some good fireworks!



Becca said...

Love all the great pictures! The shirts were so cute. And I agree those little bowling shoes are just so cute.

By the way, what was Ben's bowling name????

Karen said...

You got some great pics! I too love the little bowling shoes! Jamie I don't know how you think you aren't crafty...Love the shirts AND the cute treats!

Jamie said...

Thanks girls! Ben's bowling name was Chuck Norris! He loves him!

Mom said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you had a great time!! Miss Crafty!!