Thursday, July 7, 2011

5th of July

We talked about going to the lake on the 4th, we just didn't make it. I really didn't want to brave the holiday crowd and we were having a lazy day and we never got the gumption to get ready for a day at the lake. (Plus, it's always a struggle to want to put on a bathing suit...) We decided that we would wait and go the next day when it wasn't quite as busy. I'm really glad we waited because we ended up, basically, having the beach to ourselves!

The craziest thing about the beach is that the water was literally HOT! The water temperature had to be in the 90-95 degree range! It was insane! We thought it would be nice and refreshing to go to the lake and cool off from the miserable triple digit temperatures we have been enduring. It was anything but refreshing! We still had fun playing for a little while.

Luke was wiped out! He came home from the lake and took a bath and fell asleep on his daddy while he was drying off!

HA! Maybe we should go to the lake more often! :)


Anonymous said...

His Daddy looks pretty tired too.

Mom said...

Looked like a fun day!!