Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ben's Memphis/Springfield Vacation

Ben had the amazing opportunity to go on vacation with one of his best friends (Sam) this month! He was really excited when he found out that they would be visiting Graceland. Ben has been an Elvis fan for a long time!

He even dressed up as Elvis for Halloween in kindergarten! :)

Anyway, Ben LOVED Graceland! He only took a few pictures because the camera battery died. :(

Elvis's mom and dad.

Springfield was also on the trip agenda, which included a tour at Fantastic Caverns and a trip to Bass Pro Shop. Apparently Bass Pro Shop is a must for 13 year old boys!
Ben + Bass Pro Shop = New knives. (No, these aren't all Ben's!)
I'm told this is normal. I guess boys will be boys.

When Ben got back to town, Sam got to stay with us for a few days. I am so glad these two great boys got to spend some time together! I know I don't need to say it, since I say it every time I talk about Ben's buds, but these are some great boys!

What boys do...

No visit to Bartlesville is complete without a meal at Frank & Lola's!

Friends for LIFE!

I really enjoyed having Sam here for a few days! He is a sweet, polite young man! :)
Thank you, Christy and Steve, for taking Ben on such a great vacation! I know it is one that will live on in his memory for many, many years!!

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Mom said...

I know that Ben was thrilled to get to go to Graceland. Great that him and Sam were able to spend time together doing something that exciting.