Thursday, July 28, 2011

Luke's Visit To Bartlesville

I love that Ben's friend, Luke, called me to ask if he could come down for a visit! The timing was so perfect! (Since we had to take Sam back, we could pick Luke up at the same time! Perfect!) How could Ben possibly be any happier? Sam was here for a few days and now his other best bud was coming?! He was thrilled!

I love that, even though these boys are 13 years old, they still enjoy playing and building with Legos!

Fishing at the pond (at the school next to us) produced this one little fish! Things were a little bit more productive when I took them to another pond. I couldn't believe that the boys wanted to spend time outside in the blazing 105 degree heat, but they did and they really enjoyed it!

Desperate times call for desperate measures! While (little) Luke was napping, the big boys took over the little pool! Anything to cool down!

What could be better than a game of Monopoly on a hot summer day?! This game lasted several hours!

Nobody's visit to Bartlesville is complete without a trip to Frank & Lola's!

Bartlesville buffalos.

Friends for LIFE!

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Mom said...

It looks like the boys had a great time. I love the pictures of the boys in the pool! Glad they were able to get together.