Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beating The Triple Digit Temperatures!

It has just been way too hot outside to really even think about going out to play! We have been doing a lot of staying in the house playing games. We love playing games! We usually Rummy. We love Rummy! This time we opted for Monopoly. Why is it that we know how long this game takes to play, but we always forget how long it takes?! HOURS! Oh well, we have plenty of time for games! It is summer vacation, after all!

Abby had a nice little rainbow going on!

I have loved playing games and hanging out with my kiddos this summer! All too soon it is going to be time for them to go back to school and our time of playing games is going to be severely limited. For now, I will enjoy what time we have and continue to play lots of games with my kiddos!

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Mom said...

How fUN!!!