Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ben's First Marching Band Competition (Owasso)

It should come as no surprise that Ben and I were really excited about his first marching band competition.  I even volunteered to chaperon for the day so I could get the full experience.  (Not to mention that, due to foot surgery, if I didn't do it now, I wouldn't get the opportunity to do it again until next year.)   I am so thankful that Ben is willing to let me participate in band activities.  He isn't fond of me helping out at normal school functions.  That's a different story...

I was really looking forward to being around this great group of kiddos for the day, meeting new people and just getting the full marching band experience.  I rode the bus with 35-40 very well behaved 9th and 10th grade boys. Served lunch, snacks and dinner to the band members, directors and other parent helpers.  Helped set props up on the field for the Brigade's performance.   Met lots of mom's.  (I met a mom whose son is in Ben's section and discovered that she grew up in Michigan and was in color guard in one of our rival bands!  What a small world!)  I loved every minute of it all!

There's my boy!  To say that I am one proud mom would be an understatement!  I am elated that Ben is loving marching band as much as I had hoped.  It makes my heart swell and my eyes 'sweat' when I see him out there on the field.  I get a lump of pride and excitement when I see him doing what he enjoys.

While we waited for the remaining bands to perform and then waited for the final results to come in, we hung out at our "home base" and had fun with friends.  Luke and Katie had fun playing together.  Love those kiddos!

There were a lot of people there!  It was cool to see all of the schools set up in the parking lot for the day.  Things have definitely changed since my marching band days!

The results finally came in and we waited impatiently patiently to find out how the Bruin Brigade did.  They won the Outstanding Music Award for our division, but sadly, did not make the finals.  Bummer!!

Disappointment set in, the kids all walked backed to the semi and awaited word from Mr. Claussen.  It was hard for a lot of those kids to not make finals.  That is something that most of them had never had to experience before.  It was hard to understand that they won the music award and still didn't make finals.  Strange.  Mr. Claussen was very encouraging and I think this was the "kick in the pants" that some of the kids needed to work even harder for next week's competition.

Even though the Bruin Brigade did not make finals, everyone stayed to watch the bands that did.  I was definitely ok with that!
Abby stayed with me.  (:

It is so cool to see all of the bands on the field at the same time!

What a great experience!  I loved everything about it!  Ben loved it and learned a lot!  Everyone is looking forward to next week's competition in Broken Arrow!  I am hoping to be able to video the entire show very soon and share it with you.  (:

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Mom said...

How exciting!! I was a little teary just reading this blog. I am so excited that Ben is so into marching band. It brought back lots of pleasant memories of when you were in marching band. Can't wait to go to see Ben marching!!