Sunday, September 30, 2012

Luke's First Field Trip

Luke couldn't wait to go to school on Friday morning!  He had been looking forward to his first field trip all week long.  What boy wouldn't love a field trip to the fire station?!  I was actually looking forward to it too.  I have never been to the fire station before.

Wouldn't you know that as soon as we all got to the fire station, that the firefighter's got called out.  It was disappointing on one hand, but still pretty neat to see what happens when they have to leave in a hurry.

While we were waiting for the firefighters to come back to the station, the teachers talked to the kiddos about fires and firefighters and all such things.  Luke decided that the fire station was scary and cried almost the entire time we were there.  I'm not 100% sure what he was afraid of, but I think it had something to with loud sounds.  I think he was afraid that the sirens were going to come on or they were going to honk the loud horn on the fire truck.  I don't know... I also have my suspicions that there wouldn't have been any tears if Jon and I hadn't been there.

Thankfully Luke's teachers did a great job trying to make him happy!

Once the firefighters returned from their call, they did a demonstration of all of the gear that wear on a call.  I liked how they talked to the kids about the fact that they are the same person underneath all of the gear.  They are not monsters or mean, scary people.

Jon enjoyed taking some artsy pictures of the fire truck.

This was the highlight of the entire field trip to Luke.  It was so neat that the firefighters let all of the kiddos spray the water hose!

This is Luke and his friend, Wade.  They are best buddies at school!

Even though Luke was a bit of a stinker at the fire station, he will still tell you that he had a great time!

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Mom said...

How cute!! Looked like a fun field trip. Great pictures!! Love the teary picture of Luke. So sad, yet so sweet.