Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Been a While...

 I have been informed that I haven't blogged in a while.  No, I haven't.  It's not that there hasn't been anything happening .  It's just the opposite.  There has been SO much happening that there hasn't been a whole lot of time to sit at the computer and blog.  I have had hundreds of thoughts about different blog posts, but now, they are all going to be downsized and put into one post.  Enjoy a few weeks in the life of the Grief family. (:
Apparently Abby needs a reminder that she has to go to school during the week and stay home on the weekends.

Lukey loves to soak his feet with me.

Packing lunches is what I do.
Why do I loathe this job each morning?

A friend saw a cute idea on Pinterest and asked if I might be able to make it for her.  I was thrilled to be able to do it!  I think they turned out pretty cute!  I have plans to make more!

I got a surprise (well, I knew a day earlier that she was coming.) visit from my BFF, Karen!!  We didn't have a whole lot of time together, but I was beyond happy that I got to see her and her family!

I think Luke was trying to write his name.  Can you see it?  I could definitely see the 'L'.  Luke told that the thing that looks like an 'O' is actually a 'U'.  I could see it once he explained to me, "See the little stick on the side."  I get it.  Then I got teary when I think about my baby growing up so quickly!

I chaperone my very first band trip.  It was the first football game of the season, which happened to be an away game in Tulsa.  When I got to the school and got the list of students that were on my bus...let's just say that I thought I was being punished.  I got put on the bus with 35 ninth and tenth grade BOYS!  Seriously?!?!  I was pleasantly surprised.  On the round-trip, those boys were all so well behaved!  There were four moms on the bus and I don't think any of us ever had to correct any of the boys.  Impressive!

The night that I chaperoned was also that band's very first performance.  How could I possibly miss that?!  It was amazing to see how  far these kids have come in just a few short weeks! 

The first Bruin home game.  Jon and I worked the concession stand.  It was kind of fun because we worked on the visitor side which meant we got to have the band students on our side.  Fun stuff!

Jon was experimenting with the camera.  I was his subject.  I don't love it.

I am one proud band mom!
So proud to finally have my shirt to make it official!

I took Luke to the ENT last week for a routine check-up on his tubes and a hearing test.  He loved wearing the earphones!  He sees his daddy wear them, which makes them extra cool when you are 4.  Update on the ears:  The tubes have been in for nearly 2 1/2 years.  I never thought they would last that long, but I am happy that they have.  Luke didn't do terrible on his hearing test, but he didn't do fantastic, either.  The lady that did that test said that he might have some fluid in his hear or something causing him to not hear the sounds.  Sure enough, the doctor looked in there and there was fluid.  He said that the tube is still in there, but isn't functional.  In the other ear, the tube is still in, but it is crooked and working it's way out.  We knew that at some point, if the tubes didn't come out on their own, that we would have to decided whether or not to surgically remove them or just let them eventually work their way out.  At this point, that decision seems to be becoming clearer and clearer.  Luke's ear (with the fluid) is ripe for an infection.  If an infection occurs, the decision is made for us.  We would have to have it taken care of pretty quickly.  Normally we schedule a follow-up appointment for three months out.  This time the doctor wants to see him back in six weeks.  This isn't sounding great.  Please pray that everything will work out.  (With surgery looming for me, I can't imagine surgery for Luke too!)  Anyway...look at all those stickers on Luke's shirt!  That means he did a super job at the doctor!  (He was most thrilled that they had Avenger and Iron Man stickers!  Can you tell he has a teenage brother???)

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the little guy before he left for school.  He has been waiting since March to wear this particular shirt.  He couldn't have been happier to finally get to wear it!  I couldn't get over how cute he looked in the grey skinny jeans and Converse.

Luke and I LOVE the Dollar Tree!  We got there fairly frequently.  Luke has had his eye on a collection of whales, sharks and dolphins for quite some time.  I told him earlier in the week that we could go on Friday after school to check them out.  You would think that he might forget.  Nope!  First thing Friday morning he asked if we could still go to the dollar store after school.  How could I resist?  I also couldn't resist letting him get not just one, but two creatures.  He really wanted to go home, fill up his pool in the back yard and play with his shark and "sperm whale".  Well...our extremely hot summer has finally chilled out and we were actually having rain come through on Friday. The next best thing...the kitchen sink, of course!  Luke was happy as a clam to play with his new sea creatures for a nice, long time in the kitchen sink rather that in the pool.

I love  I love that anytime Jon is on a trip, I can track where he is at.  No, not stalk him, but there is something comforting about knowing where he is at.  How did we ever live without all of this modern technology?

So...that's where we're at.
Life busy around here.
But really...God is good!

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