Sunday, September 30, 2012

iDate #1

Right now, at church, we are going through a series on community (relationships).  As part of the series, there is a date night challenge going on.  It's called "iDate.  The Date Night Challenge.  3 Dates in 3 Months".  I can handle that!  Jon and I already try to plan one date per month anyway.  This just makes it a little bit easier to plan.  Plus, there is a prize!  Not only do I get to spend time with my man, if we go on our date, take a picture of us on our date and post it on the church's Facebook page, we get entered into a drawing for the grand prize.  As if going on a date wasn't prize enough!  The grand prize is:  dinner at Frank & Lola's (our favorite!), two movie tickets and an overnight stay at the Inn at Price Tower.  Yes, please!

I have been very anxious leading up to surgery and wanted to make sure that Jon and I went on a date before surgery and make sure we didn't miss out on our date one.  We had a good time on our date, however, it didn't go quite like we thought it would.  We went out late 8:00pm)  due to kids schedules and other things that were going on.  By the time we got to Frank & Lola's (around 8:10pm) we were told that we couldn't be seated because the kitchen was closed.  What?!  Seriously?!  Thankfully, we are regulars at F&L's and one of the regular waitresses saw what was going on, she told the girls behind the counter to go ahead seat us.  Finally!  We weren't off to a great start, but dinner was great!

As part of the date challenge, we were given a packet of cards with instructions for each date and questions for us to answer together.

Date one questions:
When you were growing up...

What was the best vacation you took with your family?

What was the worst storm you were ever in?

What did you accomplish as a child that gave you the most satisfaction?

Who was your best friend?  Why did you connect so well with that person?

(I am including these questions so that maybe you can use them on one of your dates.  They make for great conversation!)

It was fun to discuss our answers to each question.  It seems like we have known each other forever, but were still able to learn something that we didn't know before.

After dinner at F&L's, we opted for dessert at Jared's.  Of course, in keeping with the "not going so well" start of our date, things didn't go so well here either.  We ended up not getting dessert.  Actually, we ended up just going home.  It was fine. We figured we could just make up for it on our next date.

Jon and I both love the idea of this date challenge.  We are both looking forward to date two!  (Hopefully I will be able to go out soon, after having surgery and all...)

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