Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday, Ben! (Part 1)

 15 years ago I became a mom for the very first time!

15 YEARS AGO?!?!  How can it be?

I don't know how time can possibly go by so fast.  
I do know this, I don't like it!

I feel old.

But this day isn't really about me.
(Although, I feel like it should, at least, be a little bit about me...)

This day is all about Ben!

 Ben is all about Coke!

 And band!  
Well, he likes superheroes too.

It's hard to have a real birthday celebration in the middle of the week.  Especially when the birthday falls on AWANA, Nikao, small group night.  I made a deal with Ben.  If he would be willing to give up one of his Wednesday night Nikao responsibilities and be willing to wait until the weekend for his real (homemade) birthday meal, then we could go out for a special birthday dinner at Frank & Lola's.  Ben wasn't thrilled about giving up his responsibilities at church for the night, but he quickly decided that it would be OK for just one night.
It really doesn't get much better than this!
We had no idea that dessert would be involved!  I had mentioned to our server, who we have come to know since we are frequent patrons of Frank & Lola's, that it was Ben's birthday.  I had NO idea that she would make something of it.  I figured she would say, "Happy Birthday" to Ben.  I certainly did not expect to see the mammoth brownie and ice cream sundae come out of the kitchen!  They are so awesome there!  (The best part was that she brought enough spoons for everyone to share!)

It completely blows my mind that you could possibly 15 years old!  I am so proud of you and the young man that you have become.  I am also proud of the dedication you have shown for marching band in the last few months.  I love that you are loving it and giving it everything you've got!  You are a smart, dedicated, sensitive, super helpful  young man.  I pray that you will remember who you are and who lives inside of you!
I love you, Ben!
Happy Birthday!

This is "part 1" because there are more birthday festivities happening this weekend.

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Mom said...

It is amazing how fast time flies!! I can't believe Ben is already 15! Looks like part 1 was quite nice! Happy Birthday Ben!! I am also very proud of the nice young man you have become.