Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ben's Birthday (Part 2)

Since Ben's birthday was on a Wednesday, there was no way I was making his special birthday dinner that day.  (Not to mention that Jon was out of town and would  miss it.)  When I told Ben that I would be willing to make fried chicken on the weekend, he quickly told me that he really wanted his buddies to come over.  He really didn't want a party, but he really wanted Mario and Daniel to experience his favorite dinner.  That worked for me.  (Especially since it meant that Jon might be home by then.  He wasn't, but it all worked out.)

 There he is...The king in all of his fried chicken glory!

 These are some of Ben's very best friends in Bartlesville! I was happy for Ben to get to celebrate his birthday with these great  young men!  I love having them around!
(Of course, Luke had to get in the picture too...)

 Ben's birthday cake request:  Oreo Cookie Cake.

There really wasn't a plan for anything, except to consume massive amounts of Coke!  You know teenage boys, they like to eat, watch guy movies and play video games!  And that's just what they did!

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Mom said...

Dinner looks GREAT!! Nice picture of the 4 boys. Looks like they had a good time. Do you request name tags at your house?? HA! HA!