Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ben's Spring Band Concert

What do I love listening to?  What do I always look forward to?  I feel like I am being redundant, but it is true.  I love listening to them play and look forward to their concerts.  Ben's spring concert was no exception.  As Ben progresses through school, the music just gets better and better.  Now that he is finishing his first year of high school and the concert was to be combined with the 11th and 12th grade band, I knew the concert was going to be amazing.  I was not disappointed!

These two pieces are Ben's band which is just 9th and 10th grade.



 Ben was awarded a "Director's Award" for being an outstanding student that "goes above and beyond".  I am so proud of him!  (He has received an award in band every year so far!)

We have a place in our town called "Jared's Frozen Custard".  The Jared's are well known in the community and everyone loves their custard!  Mr. Jared was a band teacher and an administrator here for many years and was well loved in his job.  Last November, Mr. Jared passed away rather unexpectedly.  For this year's spring concert, Mr. Claussen, the high school band director, had a piece of music written to honor Mr. Jared.  That piece would be premiered at the concert performed by the entire 9th-12 grade band.

"The Eternal Optimist"

 Ms. Benford is and has been an amazing teacher/director this year!

Ben is going to miss Michael SO much!  Michael has been such a great friend to Ben this year!  Unfortunately, he is a senior and will be headed off to college in the fall.  I am so thankful that Ben found such a great friend this year!  Even if it was only for one year, I know that they have what it to takes to keep their friendship going once Michael goes to school.

Another band year has come and gone.  It was a great year for Ben!  He is already looking forward to marching band camp starting at the end of July!

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