Friday, May 17, 2013


I can't explain how blessed I have felt lately.  There have been some pretty amazing things happening around here.  I just have to share.


Abby found out that school softball tryouts were happening at the end of April.  Jon and I were hesitant to let her do it.  We both had concerns about how she would handle it if she didn't make the team.  I didn't really say anything to her, but she continued to be excited about it.  She reminded me the night before that tryouts were the next day.  I gave Jon "the look" and he asked her, "Abby, it's great that you want to tryout and we want you to tryout, but what if you don't make the team?"  Abby was very quick with her response.  She shrugged her shoulders and with a slight teenager attitude said, "There's always next year!"  Well, alrighty then!  How can you deny that!

Abby tried out and the waiting game began.  I asked her everyday when she got home from school if she found out about the team.  Everyday she said no.  Finally, the answer came.  Yes, she found out and YES, SHE MADE THE TEAM!!!  WOW!!  She was so excited!  I was so excited!  Yes, I cried. 


Ben and Abby both want to go to band camp at University of Arkansas this summer.  (Ben felt like he missed out last year.)  The problem?  It costs $400 per student!  Ouch!  Jon and I talked about it and decided that, at least, Ben would be able to go.  He was a little bit older and would be able to pay for part of it.  We figured that Abby needed another year of band under her belt and and to be another year older before she should go.  Abby was disappointed.  Even though I was good with the decision that we made, I was disappointed for her. 

We found out that scholarships were being offered for band camp.  Sweet!  After talking to Ben and Abby's band teacher, we decided that both kids would apply for a scholarship.  We would see how much they got and re-think things.

It was very exciting the day Ben and Abby got mail from the Musical Research Society.  Both kids received $100 scholarships!  Praise the Lord!  Great news! 

Ben and Abby (along with all of the other recipients) were recognized by the Music Research Society for their band camp scholarship.

However...there was another $300 per child that we still had to figure out.  Ugh!  Again, we decided that Abby would wait until next year.

I mentioned to another band teacher that only Ben was going to be able to go to band camp.  He asked me how much money would be needed to get both kids there.  I ashamedly told him.  It was a lot.  He didn't cringe (that I could tell via text), he just said that he would see what he could do.

The day before the camp registrations were to be postmarked, I asked if he had any new information and he did not.

The day the registrations were to be postmarked, I finished filling out all of the paperwork.  I held both of them in my hands and prayed over them.  I just asked for the Lord to give me an answer.  Even if the answer was no, it was an answer.  I was ok with that.  I just wanted to know.  A few hours later, I (hesitantly) asked again if the band teacher knew anything new about band camp money.  He  said that he found $100-$200, but that was all so far.  He told me to go ahead and send in the registrations for both kids without the money and by the time they questioned us about it, we should have it taken care of.  That seemed a little awkward, but we decided to do it.  Not even one hour later, he texted me back and said that the entire amount (the amount that I told him was needed for both Ben and Abby to go to camp.) was taken care of!  What?!?!  There was my answer!  Both kids get to go to camp!  

I am so thankful that we have such amazing band staff here, in Bartlesville!  Not only do they do their job, they go above and beyond!  They want to see their students succeed and better themselves as musicians!  I am also thankful that there are gracious people out there that are willing to help kids better themselves!

I truly believe that we experienced a miracle straight from God that day!  It could only be from Him!!


Luke turned 5!  I know, I already blogged about it.  But in the course of all of the amazing things that were happening, this was one of them.


Ben had art displayed in at art show downtown.  (Again, I know, I already blogged about that too.)


Abby had her spring band concert and received an award.  (Here)


I had an amazing birthday and Mother's Day.  (Here)


Abby was invited to the 7th grade awards assembly.  (Here)


Ben had his spring band concert and, also, received an award.  (Here)


Luke graduated from preschool.  (Here)

All of these things happened within about a two week period.  It was just one exciting thing after another.  How could I feel anything but blessed?

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