Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Artist

Ben has always loved drawing.  He loved art in elementary school.  He always chose art as an elective in middle school.  He was pretty excited last year when he went to enroll for his 9th grade classes and found out that he was recommended for AP Honors Art. 

Ben worked hard in art all year long, but it was slightly disappointing that all of his work was kept at school all year long.  We finally got to get a glimpse of some of Ben's work at an art show downtown.

 Not surprising that Ben's artwork included Coke and trombones!  His two loves!

 I love this piece of work!  The mosaic is really cool!  Ben was slightly irritated because this was hung upside down.  I flipped it the right way here.

Ben's tomatoes are bright and cheery.  This just might get framed and hung in the kitchen. (:

I am so proud of Ben and his artwork and am looking forward to what he accomplishes in AP Art next year!


Nana-Judy said...

Jamie, I just spent several minute 'catching up' on your Blog! Looks like you have been having some great times with your family. Ben's ART is unique, and I enjoyed seeing it. Your Family 'rocked' your Mother's Day/Birthday celebrations! [My sister has the same birthday. She was born on Mother's Day 80+ years ago.] I had seen some of Luke's birthday pics on Facebook. Hard to believe that he is that old! But when I think of how much has happened in Karen's life since then...I wonder that he is not even older than he is! Thank You for the precious time you have shared with your family. To God be the Glory!!

Nana-Judy said...
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Mom said...

WOW!!! I am very impressed. I think the tomato picture would look good in your kitchen. I'm not surprized that most of Ben's art work revolved around coke and trombone. He definately knows what he likes. Great job Ben!!